29 September 2010

Question Every Expense

We often think we just can't live without that unlimited mobile phone account, or the gym membership, or the kids' babysitting or daycare. But instead of taking everything as a given, go through your bills one by one and see what you could do without if you HAD to cut your spending in half. Most people won't be faced with that kind of drastic reduction in income, but many Australians are dealing with that very scenario right now for one reason or another. If you know what bills you can get rid of straight away then facing a sudden drop in income won't be quite so scary.

1 comment:

  1. Hi
    I would love to get some advice with my bills etc. I think I live fairly frugally, but I am sure that there are some things I could cut back on ... just not sure how... Any extra expense hurts at the moment with living on a pension but I would dearly love to take my son on holidays so if I could save some money somewhere that would be great too.

    what do you think? could you have a look at my budget?


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