16 September 2010

Spring Cleaning

Spring Clenaing Tip No. 3 - Air Fresheners

Freshen a room with your own air freshener. Saturate a ball of cotton with your favourite scent and put it in an open container or put a few drops of scented oil on your light bulbs (the heat from the bulbs will create a fragrance in the air). Only use a few drops, 2 or 3 at most, for safety's sake.

You can also put scented cotton balls  in the vacuum cleaner bag while you vacuum.  If you don't like synthetic scents in the air, put 1/2 cup white vinegar in a small dish and leave one in each room. The vinegar will deodorise the rooms without any overpowering or annoying scents. And your home won't smell like a fish and chip shop either. Change weekly.  Don't waste the vinegar though, use it to clean your toilet or drains.

To deodorise and freshen your carpets, sprinkle liberally with bicarb soda, brush in with a soft broom and leave two hours. Vacuum up for fresh, deodorised and clean carpets.

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