16 April 2012


One of the things I love about living the Cheapskates way is the challenge to re-purpose things. Sometimes it's things we no longer use, often it's things we have never used but have in the house, just waiting for a purpose.

Over the years I have collected a lot of vintage linens and I love to turn them into things I can use, things that make me smile and make our lives as a family just that little bit more comfortable.

Today I made a scosie from a lovely old tea towel. I have been waiting for the perfect project for this tea towel and the scosie was it.

A scosie is a scone cosy, a simple way to keep fresh scones warm while on the table. After all scones with jam and cream go much better when the scones are warm.  You can use new tea towels, but vintage tea towels add a charm that new fabric just doesn't have. Waffle weave or toweling tea towels will keep the scones warm until the last bite. For a prettier scosie use printed cotton or even tulle and lace.

To make a scosie:

Step 1. Use a dinnerplate to trace 2 circles onto your fabric. Cut around the edge of each circle.

Step 2. Finish the raw edge of each circle with bias binding. Add any lace or ric rac embellishments.

Step 3. Use tailors chalk (or a very light pencil) to divide one circle into six wedges.  Place the marked circle on top of the second circle. Sew along the lines.

Scosies make a lovely gift, especially if you fill them with scones and present them on a vintage plate.


  1. Looks great. Same "scosie" could be made with 2 circular doyleys. These often have a crochet edge and pretty embroidery so just need to sew the divisions. regards. Carol

  2. Looks pretty cute, I may have to give this a go....

  3. could also be used to keep eggs warm

  4. Gosh I wish I had half the imagination you do. I love reading all the tips & tricks our members come up with. 😃


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