05 April 2012

Shift Those Stubborn Stains

I am sure by now you all know that simple white vinegar is a vey powerful cleaner, especially in the bathroom. But occasionally there are stains that are stubborn and they require a little more oomph in the cleaning department.

This simple toilet bowl cleaner will shift those stains so you won't need to resort to buying expensive, smelly commercial products.

Mix together 1 cup borax (in the cleaning aisle of your supermarket) and 1 cup of white vinegar. Add 10 drops of eucalyptus or tea-tree oil. Now if you have an empty bottle of toilet bowl cleaner, the type with the neck on it, carefully pry the tip off, rinse it well and pour this mixture into it. If you don't have one, use a spray bottle.  If you use a spray bottle, don't forget to label it!

To use, simply squirt it around the toilet, brush and flush.


  1. Hi Cath, I have an even better cleaning solution for really stubborn tiolet stains from minerals etc..with out using any toxic chemicals at all, by using something you eat. Our toilet was so bad because we were using bore water, because lightning hit our rain water tank .I thought we needed to replace our toilet, but after some research, our toilet is spakling like new my darling partner was totally amazed it looked like new...
    I've had about 12,000 pageviews for this blog post..Here is the link to my blog post
    Sherrie from Simpleliving :)

  2. Thanks Sherrie, I'll give this a go. Our toilet in the main bathroom is just horrible - it's the original, and I'm sure it had never been cleaned until we moved in - it was the first thing I cleaned in this house!

    I will often just grab the pumice and give it a gentle rub over, that works wonders too without scratching the surface.

    Now I use citric acid for all manner of things, cordials of course, in preserving, in cleaning and of course in baking and general cooking. But in saying that it's expensive as I have a ready supply of lemons, oranges and grapefruit which all do the same job.

    Grapefruit oil is especially good for cleaning and makes a wonderful cleaner - just add the peels from a grapefruit to a bottle of white vinegar, store in a cool, dark cupboard for about 6 weeks and you have an amazing citrus cleaner - ideal for benchtops, baths, basins, floors, wiping down doors and doorframes, light switches etc.

  3. Hi Cath

    Thanks for your blog, it is really encouraging! I'm very new at cheapskating and have managed to go wrong somewhere with this toilet cleaner mixture.

    I tried halving the recipe, because my spray bottle is not very big. I assumed that the borax was going to dissolve into the vinegar and eucalyptus oil mixture when I stirred. I found that the borax didn't dissolve much at all, so I've got a gluggy mixture that won't spray.

    I think I might have fallen into one of those 'traps for young players', as I used white vinegar that has been hanging around for at least 5 years. Could my vinegar have lost its 'potency' and somehow be the cause of the problem with the mixture? I've bought a new bottle of white vinegar and I'm hoping that there's some way I can add fresh vinegar to rectify the problem with my mixture!

    Thanks for your help.



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