17 June 2013

Beautiful Napkin Roses

These paper roses, made out of serviettes, are a pretty finishing touch to any table setting.

They are so easy even a child could make them and even the cheapest of paper napkins will look sensational folded into these roses. You can use linen napkins too. Plain white looks especially lovely for a formal dinner setting.

Step 1. Take a paper serviette and lay it out flat. Starting with one corner, fold it in to the centre. Work your way around each side. Make sure you press each fold really well.

Step 2. Take a corner and fold into to the centre. Repeat for the remaining three corners.

Step 3. Fold each corner into the centre, being sure to press the folds down really well.

Step 4. Flip the folded napkin over. Fold each corner into the centre. Your napkin will now be quite small and the folds thick - make sure you press them down hard.

Step 5. Take each corner and fold it over 1 centimetre. Press the edge well.

Step 6. Holding the 1 centimetre fold down with your left hand, reach behind it and pull the corner up and over it. This forms the first petal. Repeat with the other three centimetre folds.

Step 7. Turn your rose over and very carefully work your way around it, pulling the next layer of corners up.

Step 8. Pull the last layer of corners out flat. These form the leaves of your rose.

That's it - simple, quick and beautiful.

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