15 June 2013

It's Officially Formal Season

This was the dress 'we' were going to make - the sleeveless pink version in the centre
Our girlie is in Year 12. That means lots of study, lots of late nights, lots of extra books and papers and pens - dozens of pens, trying to find the "perfect" pen to use for assignments and essays - and formals.

It seems that these days there are two formal occasions for Year 12 students. One the formal "formal" and the other the valedictory dinner.

The "formal" formal is next weekend. We have been hunting high, low, east, west, south, north, online and in stores for the perfect formal dress. And shoes. And bag. And wrap. And jewellery. And make-up.  For weeks and weeks and weeks.

Nothing her father and I approved was  deemed by her to be suitable, nothing she "just loved" met our standards (and yes, we are a little old-fashioned and conservative, but she is our only daughter and we do have a dress code for the family).

In the end we decided to drag out the pattern box and make a gown. That meant of course we had to find fabrics. Then we (and I use the "we" very loosely) decided the pattern from my stash was a little too out of date so off we went to our local fabric shop to find a new one. Finally found a pattern we both liked and that I knew I'd be able to put together - only to find it was about to be discontinued and wasn't available.

Oh the stress!

Home we went and remembered eBay. Yay for eBay, we found the most gorgeous frock, custom made with free delivery - for the grand sum of $27! Even Dad liked and approved of it. Measurements were taken and double checked and just as we were about to click the buy button we realised it wouldn't be here in time, even if we paid for express post!

More stress!

More tears (and I'll admit they were mine - I was beginning to loathe this school formal).

And then out she comes, in a really pretty dress. Still with the tags on it. I loved it, she loved it and Dad was quite choked up at the picture his girl made in her beautiful dress.

So where did it come from?

Her wardrobe!

It was one we bought two years ago to wear to a Year 10 function that was cancelled. So it has been hanging in the wardrobe, waiting to be worn. And I had totally forgotten about it. Not only that I had forgotten about the shoes and bag we bought to go with it.

Problem solved, almost. This is a June event, the dress was meant for November. It needed a little wrap or shrug or cape or something to cover shoulders.

And yesterday while we were in Kmart we found the perfect little bolero - for the princely sum of $5!

We (and again I use the "we" loosely) are going to tizzy it up a little with a length of sequinned ribbon around the edges and her formal out fit will be complete.

The tag on the frock says $15. Her shoes were $20, bag $10 and the bolero $5.

A complete formal outfit for $50!

Am I happy? Yes!

Am I proud of my frugal daughter? Oh, yes, yes I am!

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