28 June 2013

Stretching Shampoo

I swear I keep the shampoo and conditioner companies in business. I buy shampoo and conditioner for the kids' bathroom every week! And it's the boys, not Hannah who use it all! Oh well at least they have clean, shiny hair, even if it does smell like tropical fruit salad this week.

Shampoo and conditioner are expensive, even the "cheap" varieties add dollars to a grocery bill.

I stretch them both by diluting them with water. This week I stocked up on 900ml bottles of shampoo and conditioner for $4.99 each (half price). The shampoo is diluted on a 1:2 basis (300ml shampoo, 600ml water), giving me 3 bottles for the price of one. It also goes into a pump pack which stretches it even more, or at the very least stops it being wasted. You can tell them over and over "just enough to cover a 10 cent coin" but we all know kids just squirt the bottles. A pump pack and a two pumps only rule works wonders. Conditioners are diluted the same way, and they go into a pump bottle too.

Shampoo and conditioner both work just as well diluted. The trick to shampooing is to make sure your hair is wet - really, really wet all the way through. If it's not wet enough it won't lather up. With the conditioner massage it into your hair and let it sit while you finish showering. Rinse it out, thoroughly, right before you turn the shower off.

Those two bottles will last about a year. $9.98 for a year's supply of shampoo and conditioner suits my budget just fine.
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1 comment:

  1. Great idea - thankyou
    I always wash my hair with ordinary soap first then the shampoo
    Works well for me and my shampoo lasts for ages


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