06 June 2013

Is It Really Cheaper To Make Your Own Cleaning Products?

Do you make your own cleaning products? I do. I think I've always made some cleaning products. The first one that springs to mind was glass cleaner - a simple mix of water and metho in a spray bottle. It's what my mother used to clean the windows, mirrors and glass at home.

Since then of course I've expanded my range. It started with washing powder. Then I discovered how easy it was to make an all-purpose cleaner that didn't make me sneeze. Next was a solution to wash the floors. And it grew from that point.

These days the only commercial cleaners I buy are dishwashing liquid and dishwasher powder - and they are both generic brands.

Many environmentally friendly experts recommend making your own cleaning products out of natural elements. For example, vinegar and newspaper can be used to clean the windows. Bicarbonate soda can be used as an abrasive scrubbing cleaner and lemon juice also works to get rid of rust, oils, dirt and grime. Citric Acid will clean scale out of kettles and dissolve mineral deposits in toilets and basins.

But how economical is it to actually make your own cleaning products?

While you may have to spend a bit in the beginning to buy all the materials necessary to make your own cleaning products in the long run it can save you money. You probably already have some of them in your pantry (bicarb soda, lemons, salt, vinegar). Don’t forget to add to the initial expense spray bottles and storage for your homemade cleaners, although it's a much better idea to thoroughly wash empty spray bottles and re-use them (use a Sharpie to write the new contents on them).

Before you run out and buy everything to make your own cleaning products do a bit of analysis.
How much do you spend monthly or annually on cleaning products? How much could you save by buying on sale and in bulk? Could you save even more money by using store brand cleaning products and buying them when they’re on sale?

Create a list of the products you currently use and find homemade recipes to replace those products (there are dozens in the Tip Store and Cleaning with the Super Six). Tally up what it would cost to make them and how long they would last. You can then easily see how much money you’ll actually save making your own cleaning products.

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  1. I was recently going through my old receipts and found an interesting one.
    I have moved house many times in my life and every new house needs a THOROUGH clean before I'm happy and unpack. this means a big cleaning supplies shop as I will be needing everything, toilet duck, bleach cream cleanser, windex etc, and the total on my cleaning supplies docket was $65, even though most of it was on sale.
    now that I use miracle spray, bicarb and vinegar for nearly everything, that $65 could now be around the $12 mark, buying everything from scratch. So yes there can be a big difference.


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