31 October 2013

Easy Clean Oven

Just recently I was talking to a friend in Dapto (online of course!) about cleaning ovens. We shared a few ideas and then I remembered this tip from the Tip Store that I now use every time I clean the oven, and to clean the trivets off the cooktop and even the grill plates off the barbecue. It's brilliant and is the easiest way to keep things sparkling clean, you'll never scrub those oven racks again.

An Overnight Soak With Laundry Powder Keeps Oven Cleaning Easy
I hate cleaning my oven. The sprays I have bought never really do a good job and the smell is terrible. I have found that soaking my oven racks in hot water with 1 or 2 scoops of laundry powder overnight works wonders. Very little scrubbing for the stubborn stains and the racks come up like new.
Contributed by Lesley, Noble Park

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  1. I recently learned the power of baking soda or bi-carb soda. It cleans everything especially the oven. I usually cover the area generously with the baking soda spray some water until it creates a bit of a paste then let it sit over night. Next day get a damp sponge and wipe off the baking soda and you have a very clean oven. And without spending lots of money on harsh chemicals.


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