04 October 2013

Whip up a Batch of Chocolate Spoons

The shops are starting to put out their Christmas stock and of course it's all so pretty and cute I just had to browse. So you can imagine my delight when I saw tall mugs containing a sachet of hot chocolate mix, a tiny packet of mini marshmallows and two chocolate spoons on the shelf in Big W. And I was so excited I forgot to look at the price!

I was excited because they reminded me of a tip sheet I produced way back in 2006 on how to make chocolate spoons, and of course just how delicious they are stirred into hot chocolate or a nice strong coffee.

You can use plastic teaspoons, they are cheap at $2 for 50 from $2 shops, but they are much nicer if you use stainless steel teaspoons. You can get new ones from $2 shops and discount department stores for about 50c each, but this is Buy Nothing New month so visit your local op shop and see what you can find. You could easily create a very cute crazy spoon set by mixing the designs.

You will need:

250g block of milk or dark chocolate - your preference
Flavourings - orange, strawberry, almond, mint, again your preference and optional

Step 1. Put a sheet of silicone paper on a baking tray. Sit a bread and butter plate upside down on the tray.

Step 2.  Melt the chocolate, add any flavourings if you are going to use them.

Step 3.  Dip the bowl of the spoon into the chocolate. Hold it up so that the chocolate drips off, leaving a layer on the bowl of the spoon. Lay them on the tray, resting the handle on the upside down bread and butter plate so the chocolate doesn't run down the handle. Refrigerate to set.

Step 4. Once the chocolate has set, gather them into bundles of six, pop them into a cellophane or paper bag with the handles sticking out and tie closed with a pretty ribbon. Alternatively you could make hot chocolate mug sets similar to the mugs I saw, using Mexican Hot Chocolate mix

These spoons are really nice to use when you have a cup of coffee - the chocolate will melt and flavour the coffee while you stir. A little touch of luxury and decadence for just a few cents.

Total cost approximately $4.50 for 40 spoons - 3 cents per spoon!

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