07 October 2013

Waiter's Apron from a Simple Tea Towel

I love aprons and always wear an apron when I'm working in the kitchen. They keep my clothes clean and give me somewhere to wipe my hands and they can double as pot holders.

This fun apron is quick to make, you need about 20 minutes, and costs under $5. It's fun to wear, super easy and would make a cute gift. If you're doing the handmade Christmas challenge you could easily whip up a half dozen in an afternoon and cross a lot of gifts off your list.

You will need:
1 striped or plain cotton tea towel
3 metres matching or contrasting bias binding
Matching or contrasting thread
Sewing machine

Step 1. Unpick the hem from one long edge of the tea towel. Press it flat. This edge will become the waist edge of your apron.

Step 2. Find the centre of the raw edge of the tea towel and the centre of the bias binding.  Match the centres and bind the top of the towel.

Step 4.  Find the centre of the raw edge of the tea towel and the centre of the quilt binding.  Open the binding out and match up the centres. Pin the binding in place over the raw edge of the tea towel. Starting at one end of the tea towel stitch the binding in place.  Fold the binding over and press flat.

Step 5. Using a medium zig zag stitch, top stitch the binding in place, starting at one end of the binding, stitching across the top of the towel, and along the other end.  This will create a waist band and ties.  The ties will be long enough to wrap around your waist and tie in front just like a waiter's.

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