06 October 2013

The Yummiest Home-made Ice-cream Ever

If there's one thing my darling loves (other than me and the kids of course) it is ice-cream.  He'd eat it for breakfast, lunch and tea and throw in a few scoops for snacks if he could.

He can't. Mainly because I won't buy it (bad ice-cream is expensive and not good for us, good ice-cream is just plain expensive). And up until now making it has required a very special occasion. Mainly because making ice-cream the old fashioned way is hard work and we don’t have one of those new fangled ice cream machines.

But now I've found this recipe and made a couple of adjustments to suit our way of eating and frankly I'm out of excuses. It's not hard. It's not expensive. And as a treat it's not even that bad for us.

It has two main ingredients - that's it. Cream and condensed milk. You can add in whatever else you like: choc chips, strawberries, honeycomb, caramel sauce, chocolate sauce, raspberry sauce, coffee, vanilla - whatever your taste buds scream for.

SO how do you make this wonder of ice-cream wonders?

Tip 600ml of cream into the bowl of your mixer. Get your skinny scraper and scrape that bottle clean. Get every last millilitre of that creamy goodness into that bowl. Then beat the hec out of it. Beat it until it is stiff and fluffy and can stand up on it's own.

Now take a can condensed milk (I use the MOO equivalent - 1-1/2 cups) and add your goodies. I scraped a vanilla bean into it to make vanilla ice-cream. Mix your goodies in so they're evenly distributed.

Tip that condensed milk into the whipped cream. Grab that scraper again and get it all.

Then use that scraper to gently fold the condensed milk mixture through the whipped cream.  Sorry, no pictures of these steps, Hannah and I were too busy licking the bowl to take photos.

Pour it into a freezer-safe container, cover it with clingwrap or the lid and freeze. At least two hours. I know waiting will be hard, especially if you licked the bowl and had a sample of just how good it's going to be, but it won't be ice-cream if it's not frozen now will it?

As soon as it's frozen dive in. Before anyone else gets a taste, because once they taste it, it will disappear.

You could make it a really decadent dessert and eat it off a chocolate spoon!

Homemade Ice-cream

600ml cream
1 can condensed milk (or MOO equivalent)

Add cream to a large bowl and beat until stiff. Fold through the condensed milk. Add any goodies at this stage. Pour into a freezer-safe bowl and freeze for two hours.

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  1. Lee from South Australia here.
    I have a chronic dairy allergy but still make my own ice cream. How? I freeze a banana and another piece of fruit. Then puree with some almond milk. The amount of milk in it varies depending on the type of fruit used.

  2. Well I don't know that cream and highly sweetened condensed milk would be any healthier than the bought stuff, but certainly would be tasty and economical.


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