06 October 2014

MOO Monday: MOO Golden Syrup

Golden syrup is an ingredient used a lot in baking. I use it in gingerbreads and tarts and to make caramel slice and Golden Syrup Dumplings in winter - yum! It's good on pancakes or hot scones too. It's also one of those ingredients that can sit in the pantry for ages before you use it again and is quite pricey if you have to buy it.

It is also one of those things you can quite easily make at home, in your very own kitchen, no special tools or ingredients required. It's one of those ingredients we've been brainwashed into believing we had to buy because we couldn't possibly make our own. Baloney! This recipe costs under $1 to make, less if you have your own lemons, and even a beginner cook could make as long as they followed the instructions properly.

If you use golden syrup and usually buy it, next time the jar is empty, wash it, sterilise it and then make your own. You won't go back to buying it, and you'll have yet another item you can cross off your shopping list.

MOO Golden Syrup

200g sugar
50g water

1 kg sugar
600g boiling water
2 slices of lemon

1. Pour 200g sugar and 50g water into a large saucepan (the mixture will boil up so you need a large saucepan!). Over medium heat twirl the pot around and caramelise the sugar until a dark golden colour.

2. Add the boiling water (must be boiling so it doesn't spatter and burn you), the kilo of sugar and lemon slices. Stir to dissolve the sugar.

3. Boil for 45 minutes over a low heat until thick (stir it occasionally if you must but it is best left alone).

4. Cool and pour into sterilised jars or bottles. Label and store in a cool, dark place. The syrup is quite thin when hot but thickens to the right consistency as it cools.

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  1. Oh, dear MOO recipe, where were you this morning! I just spent $6 on a jar of golden Syrup today.

  2. Is 50g water the same as 50 mls? Winny.

  3. In this case yes, 1ml water = 1g water.


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