04 October 2014

The Hanging Veggie Garden

Want to grow a few veggies to ease the grocery bill or because they would be better than what you can buy but you don't have a lot of land (or any at all) to spare?

Consider a hanging garden. Growing your own food in hanging pots and baskets is a great way to turn verandahs, patios, decks and even carports into great growing spaces.

All you need are some hanging baskets, hooks to hang them from, potting mix and your vegetable seeds or plants. You can even grow some vegetables upside down (tomatoes for instance).

You can grow lots of great summer vegetables in hanging pots. Try cucumbers, spring onions, lettuce, strawberries, tomatoes, capsicums, peas, bush beans, cabbages, cauliflowers and herbs to get your hanging vegetable garden going.

Choose compact, bush or dwarf plants for your hanging garden and use a light potting mix rather than a heavy, compact soil. This will help keep the baskets light and safer to hang. Just remember that plants in pots and potting mix need more water than those in the ground. A layer of mulch works as well in pots as it does on the ground to keep moisture levels up and temperature even.

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