29 October 2014

Save Money Using Goals

Once we recovered from the shock of being jobless and worked out how we were going to survive with two little boys, a baby on the way and a mortgage that just had to be paid, we made a vow to ourselves to never, ever be in the position of having no money again.

We made a saving plan that we still stick to today, 20 years on. We worked out what our goals were in the short and long term, how we'd like to live our lives and raise our family and what things were important to us as a family. Then we worked towards meeting those goals.

• Plan your goals for 3 months only. It takes 3 weeks (21 consecutive days of the same action) to establish a habit. If you can make it 3 months, you will have changed your life!
• Make your goals as specific as possible.
• Write them down so you can remind yourself of them often.
• Make your goals or resolutions "action oriented". For instance, if you want to save money, choose one thing to focus on such as putting every $2 coin you get in a piggy bank until it's full, then banking it.
• Write your goals down and put them where you will see them, on the bathroom mirror perhaps?
• Become accountable. Choose someone you can report to; this will help to keep you on track. If you have to tell them whether or not you're on track, you are more likely to stay focused.
• Break large goals down into smaller, more achievable goals. Remember, Rome wasn't built in a day.
• Be sure to choose one thing you can do right now to help your family finances, and set a realistic goal.
• Keep on setting goals. Don't stop once you have reached your first goal, set another one and keep on striving to meet them.

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  1. I set a few dreams for 2019 per week earlier than the brand new year.. 1. I set a spending restrict after fueloline groceries and payments to clean a positive quantity on common every month. 2. plan to get my financial savings up to three months costs. three. repay my vehicle early whilst preserving three months costs. four. cut up my vehicle price among my loan and 401k contributions. 5. get my financial savings to six months of costs. 6. get my 401k contributions to 15%. 7. repay my residence early whilst preserving three months costs. 8. get financial savings returned to six months costs again. 9. invest. primarily based totally on my math I'll probable best get to step four through the quit of the year, however it is going to be exact to have that vehicle paid off early


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