06 September 2015

Cheapskates in Adelaide

I'm sorry this is a little late, but we've had a couple of upsets this week that have distracted me.

During the Adelaide workshop in August Today Tonight came along and filmed the workshop and interviewed some of the lovely Cheapskaters.

Here's a link to the story, I hope you enjoy it.

Cheapskates Master Class

If you'd like to come to a Cheapskates workshop here in Melbourne or have one in your area, please let me know via the comments below.

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  1. I looked at it the other night - they did a good job of it. Don't feel the need to apologise Cath - life happens. Hope everything is OK

    1. Thanks Phil. Life does happen, usually when we least expect it!

      I love doing the workshops, I can see when everyone has their "aha" moment, when they realise that they really can live a fantastic life frugally. I get so excited when I see faces change, when eyes suddenly light up and they sit up a little straighter, but lean forward to catch everything.

  2. Hi Cath, I've just watched the link via Wendy's blog, what a fantastic class to attend. I don't know if you will ever make it to the Gold Coast but if you do then count me in:) Have a fantastic week. Linda


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