23 September 2015


A tiny word, just two letters, but so powerful, especially when it comes to money.

Tell your kids, “No.”  

Even if you’re just throwing a Milky Way or a cheap toy into the shopping trolley, at the end of the month it all adds up - to junk in the house, less money in the bank and probably cavities. At the end of the year that $2 or $5 a week adds up to a lot of money you no longer have to spend on things you really want or need.

Just say no.

Tell yourself, “No.”  

Make your own coffee, and take it with you in a reusable mug.  Don’t buy that book. Don’t get those shoes, regardless of how cute they are or how cheap they are on sale. Don't pick up takeaway on the way home - use what you have to prepare a meal (and it doesn't have to be gourmet - breakfast for dinner anyone?). 

 Just say no.

The more you say "no" instead of opening your purse the more you will be able to save, the more you will have to pay down debt, the more you will have to build an emergency fund.

Just say no.

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