02 October 2015

Cath's Meal Plan 4th - 10th October

When daylight saving starts I do a little happy dance (in my head - I would never traumatise you by actually dancing) and not just because I love the lighter evenings. No, my favourite part of daylight saving is that Wayne takes over the cooking, or most of it, on the barbecue.

It makes me smile to know that most of what we'll be eating for the next five months will be cooked outside, leaving the cooktop and oven clean. Oh joy, oh bliss! No more cleaning cooking messes for the summer!

Of course that means that I need to adjust the meal plan to meals that are easily cooked on the barbecue or on the rotisserie, and you'll see that reflected in future meal plans for the summer.

This week's menu has four meals that will be cooked on the barbecue: the Sunday roast, Tuesday's stuffed drumsticks, the mini meatloaves and the Thursday night pizzas.

This week we will be eating:

Sunday: Roast Lamb, baked vegetables, broccoli, gravy and mint sauce

Monday: Wellington Loaf, mash, veggies

Tuesday: Stuffed drumsticks, baked veggies

Wednesday: Mini meatloaves and salad

Thursday: MOO Pizza

Friday: Fish'n'Chips, coleslaw

Saturday: Sausage rolls and salad

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  1. I love bbq weather to Cath because here to its Darren who gets all that done, of course i have to make the salads but he loves using the webber, slow cooker and bbq and its all done outside. Also depending on the fly intake we try to eat outside to, especially breakfast, i just love sitting outside first thing in the morning in this weather, no matter how early it is :)


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