25 October 2015

The Week that Was

The first red strawberry this season - and it was so very good :)
Downloaded some free ebooks for my Kindle from hundredzeroes.com. I am loving being able to read to my heart's content without having to go to the library (although I still go to the library) and without having to buy books (although I'll still buy books - I love my books). The variety available is amazing - novels, biographies,  cook books, lifestyle books - and all free!

Dried the washing on the line.

Kept the heater off - I'm thinking we may be able to turn the pilot on the central heating off for the summer a little early this year.

Caught the water from showers and the kitchen and used it to water pot plants, in the washing machine and to mop floors.

The roses have started to bloom again along the driveway
Cooked all our meals from scratch, using ingredients in the freezer, fridge and pantry.

Tidied the linen cupboard and put aside a bag to go to the op shop.

Spent an hour tidying our wardrobe and put aside a bag to go to the op shop. Rearranged some storage so it's easier to access.

Worked on Christmas cards (some for the card swap, some for Mum and some to send to my card list).

Some of the Christmas cards made this week
Had a surprise weekend away from my darling husband. He used a gift voucher for accommodation and whisked me off to the new Mercure hotel in Warragul when I arrived home on Friday evening. He even packed our breakfasts, lunches, drinks and snacks. We bought a barbecue chicken and some bread rolls and some ice creams for our dinner last night.

Worked in the garden for a few hours this week. It's very therapeutic weeding and watering and mulching.

These are the peas when I last checked them - last Thursday
Had a quick business trip to Sydney and enjoyed a beautiful lunch on the Manly wharf, watching the ferries come and go before jumping in a taxi back to the airport. More about that and how it affects the Cheapskates Club soon.

Started using my 2016 diary! Already! Wow but time just flies by in this very hectic world we live in. I was dumbfounded when I realised I needed a new diary now. Thankfully I was able to find a school diary for $1.99. I always use a school diary - they have enough space to write appointments and jot down notes, they are a week to a   view, and have all the school and public holidays marked, as well as having space to note special projects, planning etc. But best of all they're sturdy and cheap, and fit neatly in my bag. So much better than any other diary I've tried over the years, and I've tried a few different brands and versions.

Used a 4c off voucher to fill the car with petrol on Thursday when it was $111c/litre. I'm finding that I'm driving less so I'm only having to fill up once every 16 days or so - our petrol budget is going down!

Reworked our budget for the rest of the year.

Dropped some unwanted clothes and doona covers we no longer need or use to the op shop.

And I've just put the roast in the oven for tea tonight, peeled the veggies and made an apple crumble to put in the oven later for dessert tonight.

And this is the week that was.

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  1. Lovely post Cath:) Gorgeous roses (sigh) love your cards as well, beautiful♥ What a sweetheart Wayne is whisking you away, all packed and meals catered for, he certainly is a treasure. Have a wonderful week, I'm sure you will be very productive and busy. Linda x

  2. Thank you Linda, I'm partial to roses. I have a wonderful husband who knows the signs for when I've had enough and he knows just what to do too, you're so right, he is a treasure.

  3. What a wonderful week you had. Can't wait to hear about your business trip. I'm sure you enjoyed the change of scenery even if it was only briefly.

  4. I think Waynes a keeper Cath, he does such nice things for you :) Beautiful roses and cards to, have a happy week :)


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