03 October 2015

Keeping your pretty things for good

Please use your good things. There has been a bit of a conversation going on in the Member's forum about keeping things for good.

You don't have to use them everyday but you can make "special occasions" any time.

I use my crazy tea set at least once a week, even if I'm the only one drinking tea from one of the very pretty cups.

I serve afternoon tea or supper on nice plates.

We have our roast dinner every Sunday off my best china, using the good cutlery and crystal glassware. Desserts are always served in my prettiest dessert bowls. The table is set using the nicest tablecloth and we use cloth serviettes (although I use cloth serviettes anyway, much cheaper and nicer than paper).

I smile every time I put a prettily trimmed face washer or hand towel in the bathroom.

Seeing a bunch of flowers in my (one and only) Waterford crystal dish just makes my heart sing.

Think of it this way: they are things you love, that make you smile, and they are special to you for whatever reason (wedding present, 21st birthday, anniversary, inherited from a loved relative, given with love from the children and so on) and you want to keep them nice for the memory.

But what memories would you have if they were stolen? Lost in a fire or flood? Destroyed by silverfish (in the case of lovely linens)?

I know I'd be devastated, much more so than if I'd worn them out or accidentally dropped a cup or saucer and broken it. I'd rather use my lovely things often and have many memories than lose them and have only one - of them sitting on the shelf in the cupboard.


  1. How very true, Cath.
    I used to collect English china cups, saucers & plates and also Hummel ornaments and then I lost them all in cyclone Tracy. Now I use all I have when I can.

  2. I agree. I think it's so sad when lovely china isn't used and then is left for the next generation who either don't appreciate it or perhaps don't have room for it in their home. Enjoy it while it's there, it perhaps won't be as important for the person who inherits it.


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