01 February 2009

Essential Spending Month

Essential spending is just that: spending money (and that includes credit) only on essentials.

Essential spending would be:
Utilities: gas, electricity, phone, water (but look for ways to save on these too)
Food: but shop at home first
Medical/pharmacy: don't scrimp on your health – the future cost would be far too great
Petrol: unless you can walk everywhere you'll need your car. But try to limit how far you go and how often you use it. Carpool if you can, share the school run with another mother, make one trip and do all your errands.

And before you spend, look for the alternatives:
Do you have something that you can use as a substitute?
Grate a bar of soap and dissolve it in water instead of buying soap powder. You'll only need to use a very little to get the washing clean.
Mix garlic, dishwashing detergent and water to use as an insect spray on the garden.
Use a cup cake tin to make muffins – you'll get more from the recipe, too.
Before hitting the supermarket, shop at home. Is there anything in the pantry that you can use up? Be creative, you may come up with a future family favourite.
Cook and bake instead of buying.
Empty the freezer, use up all those mystery packages – make every night surprise dinner night.

I challenge you to make February your essential spending month.

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