14 February 2009

Tip of the Day February 14, 2009

Micro Fibre Magic

Since first trying micro-fibre cleaning cloths about three years ago I've fallen in love with them. I've tried the expensive brands (Enjo and the less expensive Sabco and Oates brands) and I've tried the cheaper brands (Mr Clean, from dollar shops). Honestly, the cheaper brands have worked just as well for me as the more expensive. Yes, it's true they don't last as long. But recommendations are that the more expensive brands need to be replaced every twelve months if they are used regularly. I've been able to get 4 – 6 weeks of constant daily use out of the cheaper brands before I've had to delegate them to "rag" status and put them outside to use on the bbq and car.

Micro fibre cleaning cloths are just fantastic if you have allergies or are environmentally conscious. They use cold water and the cloth to clean like magic. The trick is to remember to use cold water. Hot water causes any grease on the surface you're cleaning to soften and spread rather than stick to the fibres in the cloth.

At just $2 each they cost between $16 - $24 a year, a big saving on the more expensive brands for just as good a result.

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