22 February 2009

Tip of the Day February 22, 2009

Sayings to Save By

Use one or all of these mantras to help you evaluate your spending habits:

1. Is this a need or a want?
Movies, holidays, computers, mobile phones, internet access and fast food are all examples of luxuries that you can live without.

2. Sweat the small stuff
A couple dollars here and there add up quickly. A cappuccino for $2.20 may not seem like much, but one a day, every day for a year adds up to a whopping $803!

3. Free is good
Listen to the radio instead of buying CDs, watch free TV instead of cable, go to the library, walk in the park.

4. Will I still want this tomorrow?
Don t buy on impulse. Wait 24 hours to be sure you really want it. If you think it will be gone before then, ask the store to put a 24 hour hold on that particular item.

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