20 February 2009

Tip of the Day February 20, 2009

Tracking Water Use

Has the water bill got you stumped? Does your bill seem too high, your water usage over the suggested 155 litres per person per day no matter what you do to cut back? Maybe the meter is not tracking your usage correctly. Here's how to check. Turn off all water sources inside the house and take a metre reading. Now fill a 10 litre container three times and take a second reading. The meter should show a 30 litre increase. If you see a discrepancy you need to track down the leaky culprit if you possibly can. Before you call your water company's repair number and arrange for a service call (which could end up costing you) take a good look around for leaks - the toilets, slowly dripping taps (indoors and outside), look around the yard for signs of leaking water pipes. You can usually fix leaking taps and toilets yourself with simple supplies from any hardware shop. Underground leaks are more difficult and usuall require expert advice. If you suspect an underground leak then contact your water company or the plumber of your choice.

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