10 May 2009

Tip of the Day May 10, 2009

Easy lunch prep

Rushing in the morning to make kids lunches for child care and school can end up costing a fortune. To help make things run smoother in the morning, I prepare my kids lunches in advance by making sandwiches with a variety of fillings such as Vegemite, Nutella, peanut butter etc. and freeze them separately. I then make a home made batch of mini muffins and freeze them. I buy generic Barbeque Shapes and Fruit Sticks. Decant large containers of peach and pear pieces into smaller containers. Then the night before or even better, in the morning before the madness sets in, I just grab some sandwiches, muffins, shapes, a fruit stick, small fruit and voila! It's done with minimal fuss and so much less in cost. I find that saving money is very important, but also saving time and emotional energy equally important to me and my family and this helps in keeping my stress levels down and me a happy mummy.

Contributed by Debi, Warrandyte

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