25 May 2009

Tip of the Day May 25, 2009

A Sewing Kit for Non-Sewers

Even if you aren't a great dressmaker, or mad keen on sewing, you will at sometime have to bite the bullet and actually do some mending. By keeping a basic but small sewing kit on hand, those emergency mending jobs can be done with a minimum of stress, time and cost.

This little sewing kit can be put together for under $10, and will fit into a small lunchbox (around 99 cents at discount shops). Keep it in the laundry, or the linen cupboard where it will be easy to get to in a hurry.

Basic Sewing Kit:

1 reel white thread
1 reel black thread
1 reel invisible thread (matches any colour)
1 packet of all-purpose needles, self-threading, or include a threader
4-hole white shirt buttons (usually come 5 to a card)
1 iron-on patch kit, lightweight
1 iron-on patch kit, heavyweight
1 pack of Velcro strips, white
1 pack of Velcro strips, black
Small pair scissors

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