17 May 2009

Tip of the Day May 17, 2009

Popcorn Paydirt

I just love fresh popcorn, especially the microwave kind. I have loads of visitors, including my husband's 8 brothers and sisters and their partners and children and my own 8 brothers and sisters and their kids. Between us we have 35 nephews and nieces who often visit us, completely ravenous as all kids are. We always keep popcorn on hand. The kids think we are giving them the expensive microwave kind but we are giving them our Cheapskate special. We just get a paper bag which we save from our shopping, although a new one is good too. We then spray it with a no name brand polyunsaturated oil in a tin on the inside of the bag. Place a handful of popcorn inside, give it a shake so the popcorn gets coated then seal the top with sticky tape. Lay it flat in your microwave for between 2 to 3 minutes or until the popping sound gets really slow. Presto! Hot popcorn that is healthy as well. We also buy McCormicks buttered popcorn flavouring in a jar and give it a quick shake. Heaps cheaper than wasting all that butter and salt. Flavours left over from two minute noodles that kids don't use are also great flavourings. Yum Yum!

Contributed by Jennifer

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