03 May 2009

Tip of the Day May 3, 2009

Storytime at home

Keep your junk mail and let your littlies use it for pasting. You can either cut out pictures for them or let the older children do their own cutting (with safety scissors of course). It keeps them busy for ages. If you have time to sit with them you can talk about what they are pasting. Use recycled paper or exercise books that have been purchased at back to school sales for as little as 1 cent each at the beginning of the year to paste in. Let them tell you the story of their picture and help them to write simple sentences underneath to encourage vocabulary and writing skills too.

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  1. Some ideas (I can't take credit for them all - I learned some from my colleagues):
    - Have theme weeks, e.g., footy, gardening. Many shops will have specials at appropriate times of year to support these.
    - Talk about healthy food, and let them paste pictures into categories of healthy food (or food for meals) and unhealthy food (or unusual snacks).
    - Turn a cubby house or corner of the playroom into a shop by pasting pictures of shop items on a sign made from a large piece of cardboard. Use the pictures (or empty boxes and cartons) as shop items, and make toy money from plain paper with amounts written on them. For children learning about adding and subtracting money, this can be a fun way to teach them to give correct change (if they can't subtract in their head, teach them the method of counting up to the amount given, e.g., paying for $8.75 of groceries with a $20 note, count the $8.75, then give a 5c and say "$8.80", give a 20c and say "$9", and so on up to $20, so they know the value given and taken are the same.)
    - Decorate a doll's house, e.g., give the doll new kitchen appliances from a whitegoods catalogue, fit out a workshop from a hardware catalogue, or decorate with fabric patterns from a sewing shop catalogue.


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