31 May 2009

Tip of the Day May 31, 2009

Budget Sandpit Sun Shade

Approximate $ Savings: $1,200

With an active toddler I built her a sandpit two years ago just off our back verandah. We then realised that every time she played in there she was getting an awful lot of exposure to the sun and her toys were getting trashed by the elements.

Rather than building a solid structure over the sandpit we invested a whole $30 in a standard gazebo that you can pick up at Reject Shop / Cheap as Chips et al. type outlets at anytime.

We have had the gazebo up continuously for two years now and it is only just starting to show some wear and tear. We secure the corners with very long tent pegs and bricks, and weigh the centre point of the gazebo down with a heavy weight off a chaff cutter. It has not taken off in the wind yet!

Once the kids are grown we will return this area to lawn or garden so we did not want a permanent structure. When the current gazebo wears out we will just buy another one for $30. Big saving and it looks remarkably good!

Contributed by Tracey, Tintinara

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