13 February 2010

Cleaning Out the Margarine Container

Something I do, that I'm fairly certain not everyone does, is to scrape the margarine container to get every last gram out of it. When the butter knife won't pick up any more marg,  I use a thin, silicone spatula (I love those silicone spatulas) and scrape it around the container, making sure to get into the edges. Tonight I scraped enough out of the "empty" container to add to the mashed potatoes for dinner!

Scraping the marg container (or Vegemite jar or whatever) may not seem like it's saving you a lot of money but if I can get one extra use out of everything, then over time it adds up.


  1. Another trick in getting every last bit out of your margarine container is... turn it upside down on your newly boiled potatoes ready for mashing... The steam from the hot potatoes melts all the margarine out of the container.

  2. Another trick is don't eat margarine ....it's only one molecule away from being plastic ! we have ditched margarine for butter in our house and we use old butter container for our slabs of butter.

  3. I keep my old margarine/butter container to use for the next lot of green veges that need butter. After cooking, put the steamed veges in the marg/butter container, add salt and shake - then put out on plates. This completely uses up any residual butter/marg and the container can then be washed and used for ice in the deep freeze, for scraps for the chickens etc etc

    1. What a great idea! I don't often add butter to steamed veggies but this would be easy to do and it's a great way of using all the butter.


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