18 February 2010

Borax to the Rescue

In amongst my emails this week was a question. Nothing unusual in that, I get lots of questions in my email. But this question was a little different, bearing in mind that most Tip of the Day readers live in the city and are connected to a lovely, clean water supply.  Julie relies on dam water and I know all too well the challenges that presents. Her question was simply do I know of a way she can clean the toilet as the continual use of dam water has left a black stain and she can't shift it.

Do I! To get rid of this stain (or any other stain in your toilet) clean the toilet with borax and a stiff brush. Dampen the brush, sprinkle borax liberally onto the wet brush and scrub. Flush and if necessary repeat the process. Do this once a week and your toilet with glisten without a single toxic fume. 

You will find borax in the cleaning aisle of your supermarket. I use Harpers borax, it comes in a white tub with a bright red lid. You may need to ask someone to point it out to you as it's usually hidden away on lower shelf.  Harper's borax is available at Woolworths, Foodworks and IGA stores. If your local store doesn't stock it, ask them to get it in for you.

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