08 February 2010

Tip of the Day 8 February 2010

Keep a Favourite T-shirt Forever

Do you have old t-shirts you just can't bear to throw away? For example, t-shirts with great sayings, pictures or end of year school autographs? Or shirts that hold precious memories of your kids when they were little? Perhpas you have a pile of souvenir t-shirts from fondly remembered holidays.  Here's a wonderful way to bring those t-shirts back to life - turn them into cushions!

T-shirt cushions are a real novelty around the house and they also make great gift ideas. They're very easy to make; just follow these simple instructions:

* Turn the t-shirt inside out and cut some length off the hem; otherwise it might be a tad too long.
* Stitch the hem to close the bottom, and then turn the t-shirt until the right side is showing.
* Sew the sleeves closed.
* Fill t-shirt with stuffing then stitch the neckline closed.

Use washable stuffing because these soft and cuddly cushions will get lots of use and be well loved.

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