20 February 2010

Fig Jam

It's that time of year again. The fig tree is full of fruit, so full even the birds can't get it all. I picked a colander full this morning and will use them to make fig jam.

 Today's bounty, a kilo of lovely fresh figs - there will be more in a day or so.
I love fig jam. It's a childhood favourite and the one jam my mum made every year without fail. I love fig jam on fresh bread with cream. I love it on hot toast. I love it on plain muffins spread with cream cheese , topped with fig jam.

It's great as a spread and it's great as a cake filling. It makes lovely little jam tarts. You can even use it to glaze a ham.

The recipe I use is a simple microwave jam - equal quantities of fruit and sugar, with the juice of one lemon. Platinum Cheapskates Club members can login find it in the Recipe File.

The kilo of fruit in the colander made two 500ml jars and one 120ml jar of delicious fig jam.

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