20 February 2010

Easy Way to Organize the Fridge

Tip of the Day 20 February 2010 

My fridge was notorious for hiding all kinds of things until one day when they were black and hairy it would let them loose on me as I unsuspectingly lifted the lid on a container to see what was in it. Smaller containers and jars would hide behind the larger items and of course out of sight is out of mind when it comes to the fridge. So much money and effort was being wasted simply because of a lack of organization. To fix this I found some trays that fit the shelves and use these to hold the smaller items. Now I can just slide a tray forward to see what's lurking at the back, making it easier to use everything up in a timely manner. No more waste and no more being scared of finding hairy, black creatures in the fridge.


  1. Another good way to ensure your fridge is organized is to have a specific shelf for most staples like eggs, butter milk youghurt, fruit etc put back in same spot every time that way you no where it is, obviously, & if you've run out, write on your shopping list, which is attached by magnetic pad on fridge door.When it comes time to quickly checking your pantry, fridge & freezer for shopping items to buy, fill sink with hot soapy water then gather all dead or living fridge creature containers wash dry & put away that way you have plenty of room for your new fresh produce and yah nice & clean of clutter and you've found lots of storage containers wahoo.

  2. Awesome post! Thank you so much.
    Where would be the place to find these containers?
    Is there multiple places?
    This is going to save me so much money!

    1. In our fridge I use Decor pastry containers - often on sale at Coles for half-price. You can buy trays and boxes and containers at any departement store/discount store/$2 shop - measure the shelves, decide what you want to hold in the trays and shop accordingly. You may already have things you can use in your kitchen - Tupperware containers you don't use? Baking trays? Gift boxes? You don't need to buy, try shopping at home first.


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