10 February 2010

Spending Freeze Update

I've been reading the forum posts and you are all doing so well. While February is a spending freeze month, you can still buy essentials (food for your families is essential, don't stop feeding them!).

I had a giggle to myself at Debby's post. I can only imagine that hacking back the jungle aka garden would exhaust you enough to take away the desire to shop.

And then janes posted about needing a new kitchen sink, and how she comes to be needing it. Are you sure you didn't help the crack along? Just a little? Perhaps subconsciously?

Don't forget that this spending freeze is just a challenge and meant to be fun, don't worry about slipping up. I did this afternoon. After a particularly trying day dealing with a particularly difficult service provider and getting nowhere very slowly, I dashed into Coles to get milk (does it annoy anyone else that Coles has the most expensive fresh milk? 33c/3 litre bottle more expensive than my local Safeway or Aldi, anyway I digress) and made the mistake of going through the  bakery dept. Left with the milk, a packet of ginger kisses and a honey roll.

We had the honey roll sliced and topped with ice-cream and homemade caramel sauce for dessert tonight, very yummy. The ginger kisses have gone into the freezer for quick treats.  Talk about emotional buying under stress! All I can say is thank goodness I skipped the chocolate aisle - all those yummy Valentines chocolates would have really done me in.

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