13 January 2011

The guest room in a bag

I'd love to have a home with a guest room, but that's just not going to happen any time soon. Which could cause me some concern as we often have overnight guests. Thankfully Thomas gives up his room without complaint, but it is a teenage boy's room.

I can turn it into a guest room in around ten minutes with my handy dandy guest room in a bag. In a large zippered bag I have a full set of "guest" linen. It holds one set of sheets, a quilt with matching pillow shams, a blanket, two towels and a face washer and two pillows, with a ziplock bag of guest soaps and a water carafe, tumbler and cover.

Each time we have overnight guests I can quickly grab the bag and remake the bed and put out clean towels without having to worry about where the sheets are and do the match the pillow slips, or if I can find spare pillows and blankets.  Once the bed is made all I do is layout the towels, fill the carafe and put it and the glass on the bedside table.  Instant guest room!

When our guests leave, everything is washed, folded and put back into the bag, which is kept on the top shelf of the linen cupboard, ready for next time.

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