31 January 2011


"As Monday goes so goes the rest of the week."

It's an old saying, one I heard often growing up.

Today was also the first day of classes for Thomas. It won't be very long before he graduates as a Civil Engineer, but today that does seem a long way off.  It felt like just a little while ago he was standing under the fig tree, getting his "first day of school" photo taken, all spic'n'span in his brand new uniform, hair combed, shoes shined and backpack almost bigger than him, with a grin as wide as the world on his little face.

Today he wouldn't stand for a photo (apparently I was being totally silly) and his hair didn't look too combed. And his shoes certainly weren't shined. But the grin was just as wide as it was that January day in 1998 when he did let me take a picture.

I shed a tear on his first day of school, and I shed another as he went off to get the bus this morning. Our lives have turned another corner, and the prospect is of new and exciting adventures ahead of us.

If the saying is true, then the rest of my week is going to be a doozy!

Does how your Mondays go dictate the rest of the week for you?

Did you have a good weekend to help start your week off?

Anything special on your agenda for the week?

Have a super duper Monday!!!


  1. I too saw my boy off on another adventure today. It was his first day at TAFE as a school-based apprentice, and he was so torn between excitment and nervousness. "Where do I go? I don't know what this bloke looks like!" How do I know which room to go to?" The little boy inside wanted me to go with him, but the man inside couldn't allow that. He sent me a text to say he'd found two other newbies and they couldn't find the room. Then another text to say 'all good'. Smile. Thank God for mobile phones ... and little boys.

  2. Boys are beaut aren't they? How exciting and what an adventure for you both. I hope his day is everything he hoped and dreamed it would be and that he loves his course.

    I think we parents always want to go with our children, no matter how old they are. It's true that they will always be our babies. Now if I can just convince my three that they still need me to hold their hands......


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