23 January 2011

Simple Seedling Pots

Approximate $ Savings:
We save money growing our herbs and plants from seed (much cheaper buying seeds than buying seedlings/plants). We also save money by using all our old milk cartons and yoghurt pots instead of buying planter pots. With the cartons, just wash them thoroughly, cut off the top and make some holes in the bottom (the yoghurt pots just need a few holes in the bottom). Then just fill them with compost and sow the seeds.
Contributed by Sarah Jones

Editor's Note:  You can also use toilet roll tubes as plant starters. Fill them with your seedling mix (bought or homemade), drop in a seed and when the seedlings are ready to transplant simply dig a hole and drop the tube in. The cardboard will decompose quite quickly and you won't be disturbing the roots of the plant at all. With the price of vegetables going up daily, it's a great time to start growing at least some of the food you eat.  Cath

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