07 January 2011

Have you been overcharged?

You don’t have to put up with being overcharged at the checkout. We are all human, and errors are going to happen. It’s how they’re dealt with that makes the difference.

What are your rights if you have been overcharged?

From the ACCC website "Most of the major supermarkets in Australia have signed up to the Scanning Code of Practice, a voluntary code designed to protect you from errors in checkout systems. Signatories are required to ensure their checkout systems are price accurate. If a product incorrectly scans at a higher price, you may be entitled to receive that item free. Where multiple identical items are purchased, you may be entitled to receive the first item free of charge and the remaining items at the lower price.

If you believe you have been overcharged:
• Check your receipt
• Return to the store as quickly as you can, with the receipt and the goods.
• If you can’t return immediately, ring the store and speak to the store manager about the problem. Let him or her know that you will be returning the items and will require at the very least a refund.
• Ask what the store policy is on overcharging or incorrect scanning and make notes if you need to.
• Don’t be afraid to speak up, but always be polite and courteous. Treat others the way you’d like them to treat you.
• And if you can’t resolve the dispute with the store, contact the Australian National Retailers Association (ANRA)

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