10 January 2011

Finding everything's place

We all know that the best way to be organized is to have a place for everything and have everything in it's place. But how do we easily identify each "place"?

Binder clips! You might know them as bulldog clips. Everyone knows they are just brilliant for keeping papers together and I use them as neat little photo stands on my desk. They are also the ideal label for all manner of items - on bookshelves, in the fridge and freezer, the pantry, the linen cupboard and the craft cupboard and anywhere else you store things.

Simply stick a label across the back of the clip (trim it to size) and then slip the clip over the end of the shelf or the spine of the book, edge of the container or wherever you want to put your things. It holds fast and best of all if you want to re-arrange your storage the clip can be moved in a flash.

If you have a labeller it's even easier. The labels should easily fit across the back of the clip, no trimming necessary.

Using binder clips to label where your things go means you can easily move them to another spot without having to worry about the label - it just unclips and moves to the new spot along with your things.

And binder clips are cheap, especially now during the back to school sales. They also come in different sizes (I find a  medium size is the most used as it fits over the edge of most shelves) and colours if you like to colour code your belongings.

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