09 July 2011

Always fluffy rice

For plump, fluffy, clump-free  rice every time simply rinse the dry rice before cooking.  Rinsing takes the starch off the grains. Place the rice in a bowl of cool water and swirl around with a fork or your hand (make sure you wash first) until the starch makes the water cloudy. Drain and repeat until the water stays clear. Then cook as usual. The grains of rice will be perfectly fluffed and separate.  Excess cooked rice can be frozen for the future.


  1. Thanks for that. I'll try it. Mum's was always fluffy but she is dead so I can't ask her and ALL my rice (white or brown) comes out in a well arrange mass, arranged like the container I cooked it in I mean.

    Thanks again. Maybe I was doing sommat wrong ................

  2. Really? I've found it easier to just use absorption method of cooking, and then stir.

    Absorption method: bring rice to the boil with correct proportion of water (1:2 for white rice, I think a bit more for brown but I don't use brown much myself), and when it boils, remove from heat but DON'T take the lid off. Leave until starts to cool. (It's easier than a microwave or a rice cooker, and can be done ahead, though my boyfriend doesn't like that it intrinsically ends up less hot.)

    1. Yes, really! Traditionally rice was cooked on a 1:3 ratio of rice to water and rinsed under cold water once cooked to rinse the starch off. The method you are using is a version of the old haybox cooker - it works really well. You can also cook rice or pasta in a thermos - add rice, top up with the correct amount of boiling water and leave to cook. It will stay hot if cooked this way. A food/wide mouthed thermos makes it easier to get the rice out too (I do this when we are camping/travelling). These days I cook rice in the microwave on a 1:2 ratio, having rinsed the rice under cold water first and it is always done to perfection, in 12 minutes, without a pot that may boil over or that needs to be scrubbed.


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