31 July 2011

How to Turn an Ice-cream Container into a Hanging Basket

I have used a variety of clear plastic bottles (with the coloured bottom slip removed) and white ice-cream containers as planters. Clear plastic bottles and white ice-cream containers absorb the natural sunlight and encourage seedling growth and I've had success with 99% of the seedlings that I've started off. Also with the use of white ice-cream containers (or any white in the surrounding areas of seedlings and plants) the sunlight reflects off of the white surface and bounces onto the tiny seedlings as they grow, which encourages the growth rate in a similar fashion to an ultra violet light, but of course in a natural and non-electricity consumption manner. In terms of hanging materials to hang the containers with, I've used a variety of inexpensive chain (purchased by the metre from Bunnings) and cut to size and also old skipping rope or any other type of rope. Nylon is pretty good as it's quite durable in all types of weather conditions. Simply place three (or four if you prefer) holes into the top part of the container sides and attach accordingly. For nylon rope you can either tie a knot at the end and leave as a stub on the inside of the hole OR tie the ends back up and onto the rope itself. It really depends upon how heavy each container is with the soil or potting mix in them and how secure you feel each one needs to be. If you prefer the use of chain, simply cut the desired length by as many pieces as you are wanting. Thread the chain through the holes you've made as described above and with a pair of pliers open up the end loop and attach to one of the loops in the length of chain and then close it again. Also don't forget to put some holes into the base of the containers for drainage.
Contributed by M., St.Albans

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  1. This makes me wish we still ate ice cream. I do have a few mid sized buckets around that would work though. I've been wanting a bigger hanging basket for better water retention but am buying nothing new at the moment, so was a little stymied. So thanks!


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