28 July 2011

A very handy cupboard

Create an old fashioned utility cupboard, or at least a shelf in a cupboard. Stock up on household candles and tea lights, matches or a small lighter, batteries, torches, a huge roll of real string, replacement light bulbs for all your light fittings and lamps, fuses, glue, sticky tape, masking tape, drawing pins, wd40, a pair of scissors, a Stanley knife etc, etc.  I keep all these things in the small cupboard over the rangehood in our kitchen so I can put my hand on whatever I need when I need it.


  1. I like this idea as an 'in an emergency' cupboard, for when the power goes out. I always wish I had candles in the house when the power goes out, but of course, I never do! This would mean everything I need is in the same place!

  2. One of those LED torches which have a handle to generate the power would be a good idea.


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