30 July 2011

Restoring the gleam of your copper

The rangehood in my kitchen has a copper finish, which I really like. Over the years the lacquer has been scrubbed off, leaving it dull and dingy.  To find out how to restore the shine, now the lacquer has gone, I went straight to the Tip Store and found Lou's Copper Cleaner recipe. It works like a charm, I've even cleaned the bases of my saucepans with it (I didn't polish them with oil though).

Copper Cleaner

1 tablespoon vinegar
1 tablespoon salt
vegetable oil (optional)

Mix vinegar and salt (a tablespoon of each) and apply to surface with a rag. Rinse thoroughly with water to prevent corrosion. Apply a little vegetable oil with a cloth and rub for a shiny appearance. Do not use this cleaner on lacquered finishes.

Contributed by Lou

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