11 July 2011

Designer Curtains

When it comes to dressing windows attractive curtains are just the thing, but even ready made drapes can cost hundreds of dollars. Instead of buying decorator curtains, find large flat sheets to match or co-ordinate with your colour scheme and use them instead.

To make rod pocket curtains just sew a pocket for a curtain rod at the top of the sheet. Just fold the top edge over 5cm - 7cm depending on the size of your curtain rod and pin in place. Stitch 1cm from the fold and then along the bottom edge to make a tunnel. Slip the curtain rod through and arrange the gathers as you wish.

If you have curtain tracks in place you can use them to hang your new curtains. Measure the width of the sheet and buy enough curtain tape (pencil or pinch pleat) to fit. Sew into place. Slip curtain hooks into the tape and gather to fit the curtain track.

If you need to hem them you can even use lightweight iron on hemming tape to make the job easy.

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  1. This is a great idea we have also used in our home - I also found curtains at opshops with the UV backing and used these as a 'backing' for my 'new' curtains (also makes great templates if you need a pattern and some even have the tabs/curtain accessories still attached!) - instant room lift and nice thick curtains that block out the light and help to keep your home warmer/cooler. TIP: If the backing curtains have a darker pattern make sure you choose a darker sheet to cover it as the light will shine through!


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