18 July 2011

Teach Yourself to Crochet Using You Tube!

Approximate $ Savings: $65 for lessons + $$$ for handmade clothing
I wanted to learn to crochet - though I wasn't sure if I wanted to outlay the cost of learning to crochet at a craft store in case I didn't like it. I Googled 'Learn to Crochet' - and came across some great You Tube videos teaching all the basic stitches! So I sat in front of the computer with You Tube playing and taught myself the different stitches for free! I then Googled "Easy Crochet Patterns" and came across some great websites. I bought the yarn at discount stores to begin with - in case they didn't turn out. So far I have made a scarf for myself for $3, and child's beanie for $5 and a baby blanket for a gift - which will cost me $12 in total! I am currently making a pair of baby 'ugg' style boots - again about $3 to make and made in about an hour! I get the patterns for free on the Internet - and if there is stitching or terminology I do not understand in the pattern I Google the name of the stitch with 'how to crochet' following it and I always find a website with photos on how to complete that stitch. I am definitely hooked on crochet now!

Contributed by Nicole, Chirnside Park


  1. I do this too! and now Im learning to read knitting patterns. I feel very proud of myself when I make something that I learnt to make all by myself with the aid of you tube.

  2. www.ravelry.com is a great place to get knitting and crochet patterns for free,


  3. Aren't we blessed to have YouTube and Google?

    Good on you Angela. So many skills are being lost, and it's happened mainly in the last 50 years or so, because everything is available ready made.

    You should be proud of yourself when you make something, you are keeping old skills alive.

  4. Jenny another great place for patterns is lionbrand.com.au. It's a fascinating website, loads of free patterns etc.

    Knitting Daily is a free daily email with, obviously, knitting tips, patterns, etc that is very interesting and useful too. You can subscribe to it at www.knittingdaily.com/ Download the free ebooks, there are some lovely patterns in them.

  5. I was only a beginner crochet only knowing how to crochet granny squares not knowing how to read patterns I stumbled across classes on you tube teaching every step and full patterns this is fantastic if you do not understand the written down terminology as you can see it visually. Now I am making premie clothing for a local hospital

  6. Several times I've thought I'd love to learn to crochet, if only to be able to make those beautiful GRANNY SQUARES. Well, I'm 72 now and I'm going to go and Google LEARN TO CROCHET and I'll be blowed if I don't finally learn how to do it......! My mother could crochet ANYTHING but for some reason she never got round to teaching ME...! So when I learn I'm going to teach my grandkids how to do it.

    1. It's never too late to learn. Crochet is really very easy, it's just the amazing patterns that make it look complicated.

      I love it because to me it is much faster than knitting, especially for babies and children.

      It's also very forgiving - I often just make up the pattern as I go, especially for borders on towels and face washers.

      Once you've learned to wield that hook a whole new world of handicrafts opens up to you.

  7. I too have rekindled my passion of sewing with YouTube. Have learnt so many different and new techniques.


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