25 October 2011

The 69 Cent MOO Drumstick

Over the weekend I thought I'd give everyone a treat and buy us all and ice cream.  My ice cream of choice was a Drumstick, after all it's an Aussie icon, and this was a treat. Until I saw the price! $3.40 each - so $17.00 for the five of us to enjoy an ice cream. That put paid to that treat, $17 on ice creams is just too much for our entertainment budget. I was explaining this to Hannah as we drove home via Hungry Jacks for a 50c ice cream - a much more budget friendly treat.

Last night Hannah announced that she was making dessert for us all. Now we very rarely have dessert and when we do it's usually fruit based - an apple sponge or strudel or fruit salad or a pie of some kind so everyone was very excited, waiting to see what she would make.

She made us drumsticks! And much bigger and nicer drumsticks than the Streets ones I didn't buy (sorry Streets, you just don't make the grade anymore).  They were delicious, better than a bought ice cream and a fraction of the price. If you like an ice cream treat every now and then, try these MOO drumsticks, they really are good.

MOO Drumsticks
4 waffle cones
4 large scoops vanilla ice cream
1/2 cup milk chocolate buttons
1/4 cup crushed nuts

Melt the chocolate. Take a teaspoon of the melted chocolate and pour into the tip of each waffle cone. Swirl around to coat the inside of the cone.  Put a scoop (or two) of ice cream into each cone. Drizzle the ice cream with melted chocolate, sprinkle with chopped nuts. Put them into the freezer for  a few minutes to set.  Makes 4 ice creams. Enjoy!

The costings are:
1 packet waffle cones - $4.06 [packet of 12, $0.34 each
2 litres vanilla ice cream - $2.19, $0.20 per ice cream
Chocolate buttons - $2.88 a 375g packet, $0.10 per ice cream
Crushed nuts - $1.22 a 200g packet - $0.05 per ice cream

The waffle cones, choc buttons and nuts came from Coles, the ice cream is from Aldi.

These homemade drumsticks are more than twice the size of the official version for less than a quarter of the price. 
I think they're nicer too, the cones were delightfully crispy, not soft and soggy.  Why wouldn't you MOO them?

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  1. Wow that is an awesome idea, and I am going to try it, thanks Hanna !!
    Michele Perth WA


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