31 October 2011

Add pizzazz with piping

Cushions and pillows add warmth and charm, as well as comfort to a home. You can give your cushions a quick facelift by making new slip covers.  Give them a professional look by adding contrasting or matching piping.  You can buy piping cord but if you want the fabrics to match you will need to make your own, it's surprisingly easy to do.  Piping cord can be bought in the curtain department of your local fabric store.

To make the piping:

Step 1.  Cut strips of fabric 2.5cm wide on the bias (on the diagonal, across the grain of the fabric).

Step 2.  Measure around the edge of the pillow and add 2.5cm. Sew the strips together to make the necessary length.

Step 3.  Pin the strips around piping cord. Stitch as close to the cord as possible.

There you have it, custom made piping. Use it to trim your new slip covers and add a little pizzazz to your decor.

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