13 October 2011

Soap socks save a bundle!

This tip can save you $217.88 per year and is so simple. Buy a Soap Sock for $5 at your local supermarket or discount department shop (that’s code for Kmart, Target, Big W etc). Shower gel has become very popular because we all hate the feeling of soggy soap but the average bottle of shower gel costs $4.99 and most families would use one a week, adding a huge $260 per year to your grocery bill. In contrast, a cake of good soap will only cost 60-80 cents and added to your soap sock gives you a terrific shower. You save money, help save the environment from the additional chemicals, save $217.88 and you get a free skin exfoliate with each shower.

1 comment:

  1. If you can sew make a sock from a cheap face washer. I get 4 for $5 at Kmart then each person has their own, they can be embellished with ribbon for mothers day or christmasnstocking stuffers


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