14 October 2011

Buy it Cheaper

When you are shopping (for anything at all) always look for the cheapest possible price. These days it is so easy to comparison shop, even for groceries, that there is no excuse for not getting the best possible price. Look online, go through the junk mail, read the ads in your local paper and ask around.

If you are shopping for a big ticket item, such as a washing machine or a new lounge suite, be prepared to haggle for a better deal. You will be stunned by just how much money you can save just by asking a simple little question "is this your best price?". Remember it is just a question, the worst thing that can happen is that the answer is yes and that particular retailer won't discount. All you have to do then is say thanks for your time and walk away.

A good way to know the best prices on your everyday items is of course to keep a price book. Price books just aren't for groceries. I keep track of shoes, school supplies, medicines, basic clothing, plants and seedlings as well as groceries.

When we are looking to buy a bigger item such as the new washing machine we bought last year, or the accessories we have ordered for our car, I make up a mini price book. I get online and look at the best prices at the major retailers, making a note of them. I collect the junk mail and gather the prices from it to add to the book. I also make a note of any bonus offers and how much they are worth. Once I've gathered the prices I can do a comparison and decide who to visit first. And I will always go to three or four stores to get prices that I can then use to haggle at other stores for a better deal.

A little tip: when you are haggling and shopping between stores always get the price written on the back of a business card. It helps if you can pull out a written price when you are haggling for a better deal at another store and you'll know exactly which salesperson to go back to when you buy.

You owe it to yourself and your family to be a savvy shopper, after all you work hard for your money and you need to get the best possible value for every dollar you spend.

Something to remember:  Just as it is in your best interest to haggle for a better price, it is the seller's right to say no.  If that is the case you have two choices:  either accept their price and do business with them or thank them for their time and efforts and politely walk away. 

Whatever you decide to do, always be polite and courteous and thank the seller for his or her time.  After all selling is their livelihood and they are in business to make money, just as you are trying to not spend some money.   You shouldn't expect anyone to take a loss just because you don't want to pay the price they give you.  If that's the case you need to keep looking.

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  1. In todays retail world, most sales persons will not write down their best price, and will only verbally tell you what the best price is.
    Secondly most wont tell you that price unless you are ready to buy then and there.
    So here is what you do, you must pck up a copy of their business card and write down the information for yourself.
    Then tell them you are ready to buy today, and get their special price.
    Write it down, and if it is not what you are expecting, (ie still too high) politely tell the salesperson, that it is just not quite good enough, and you then have the option to ask for an even better deal (what else can they throw in to sweeten the sale), or you can walk out.
    Remember that the item you want is available in many places, and you have no allegience to purchase from that retailer.
    After all, retailers do not carry the warranty themselves, and almost all will have you deal with the Wholesaler, or Manufacturer.


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